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Return to Bethany Beach

By Caitlin Moore

Blame it on your childhood, or perhaps your everlasting tendency towards nostalgia, but summer just isn’t summer without beaches, boardwalks, and plenty of sun-soaked relaxation. You’ve been longing to kick off your sensible shoes and play some beach volleyball before heading to the nearest ice cream vendor, or perhaps occupy yourself with a couple of arcade games after you’ve dried yourself off from your morning dip in the ocean. It all sounds so comforting, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take a trip that will bring these dreamy longings into the land of reality.

Bethany Beach is just such a place, as perhaps you already know. Located on the “Quiet Coast” of southeast Delaware, you’ll find all the typical seaside diversions in a fun-loving, down-to-earth setting. Whether or not this is the actual site where the fondest memories of your youth were made is irrelevant; by the time you leave it will seem like you’ve always known Bethany Beach existed.

As a child you probably didn’t care too much about your lodging situation when you traveled with your family. Sure, staying in a hotel was a novelty, but you really just looked forward to getting outside to the beach or spending countless hours in the pool. You vaguely remember fighting with your siblings over sleeping arrangements or having to share towels in the tiny bathroom, but all of this has pretty much faded into the background of your mind.

Now that you’re older, the responsibility has fallen on you to make the room reservations, and your priorities, fortunately or unfortunately, have changed a bit. No longer are you oblivious to where you lay your head, what the view looks like from the window, or how loud the neighbors are. You notice these things, and considering that this is your hard-earned vacation, you want everything to be just so.

If this is true, then you might want to consider renting a vacation home for your trip to Bethany Beach. There are dozens to choose from, and it’s likely that a few of those would be not only acceptable to your needs, but exceptional. If this really is your trip down memory lane, then why not make it as magical as possible?

What this really means is that a vacation rental will house you in comfort, keep you close to the activities of the beach and the town, yet will offer you more privacy and room to breathe than your ordinary, everyday lodgings. Pick a villa a few feet from the beach, or go inland a mile or so and find yourself within reach of tennis courts, mini-golf, and numerous other resort-style offerings. It’s up to you what level of seclusion you have, but remember that just breaking away from the cookie cutter hotels will make you feel like you and your companions are in your own little world.

Contemporary or traditional, rustic or luxurious, you’ll find every sort of place you can think of. Bethany Beach, with its festivals, restaurants, shopping options, and plentiful beach temptations, will keep you nice and busy, but nothing will compare to the feeling of returning to your home base without worrying about so many of the usual pitfalls. No squishing into a too-small space, no fighting over the remote control, and no worries of draining your wallet by going out for expensive meals every time someone is hungry.

Your waterfront lodge will have bedrooms for all, enough electronic amenities and games to keep the kids busy all night, and a fully-equipped kitchen that will invite the option to keep snacks at hand or enough basics to prepare a few simple meals. Cocktails on your screened porch will make you feel right at home, and a round of cards like you used to play with your parents will give you one more blast from the past. As you share a few laughs with your own children, you suspect that they’ll remember this occasion for years to come.

A trip to Bethany Beach will do wonders for your spirit and your stress-level. Head to the coast to revisit happy days gone by, and don’t forget to make a few new memories that you’ll recall when you return inland. An important component to all of this is the place you choose to stay, so go online to discover the Bethany Beach Vacation Rental that will put the finishing touches on what is soon to be a sunny series of remembrances.

http://www.HomeAway.com has thousands of vacation rental listings located all over the world, so start here as you make plans for your next trip.

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