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Check Out Chesapeake Bay

By Caitlin Moore

Chesapeake Bay is not the kind of place that you’ll see looming in the distance as you head down the highway. You can’t just type the name into a Web site or your car’s navigation system and expect it to turn up a specific point on the map, and when you tell people this is where you’re headed, expect follow up questions. Chesapeake Bay covers an impressive 2,500 square miles just begging to be explored, so narrow your focus and prepare to encounter a geographically unique, endlessly entertaining locale that also qualifies as a state of mind.

Located between Maryland and Virginia, Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary on the continent, meaning it’s the meeting place for freshwater rivers and the salty sea. From the Native Americans of yesteryear to the world-weary vacationers of today, this expansive stretch of open water plus the settlements that have sprung up around it have attracted all sorts of people looking to live, work and play in a beautiful place.

If you’re interested in the basic facts, the name means “great shellfish bay” because it is home to over 170 species of shellfish. There are also at least 350 kinds of fish and a couple thousand plant varieties. Judging by all this vibrant and exuberant life, there must be something life-affirming about this region.

Once you lay eyes on the bay, you’ll start to get a feel for what that is. No matter where you end up stopping off, you’ll instantly absorb the rich history, conservation-themed attitudes, East Coast charm, and a healthy sense of fun that pervades the towns. From Annapolis to Virginia Beach, the restaurants, festivals, and constant array of activities will be more than enough to fill a memory-making vacation for you and yours.

Watch the constant flow of ocean-going ships as you walk along the bay each morning. Check out historic districts that claim ties to the likes of long-ago English explorers like John Smith, or take a narrated boat tour that will fill you in on a few juicy tidbits. As you can imagine, fishing is huge here, so investigate the licensing laws and regulations before casting a line in the hopes of reeling in some fresh dinner. Rockfish, drum and trout are just a few of the favorite finds.

Also out on the water you’ll find a number of boating opportunities. Yachters and sailors can take up their sport of choice in a prime location, and joining a few fellow wave catchers will add to your joy at being out on the open water. Camaraderie, speed, and beautiful scenery…what more could you need? Marinas and docks are everywhere you look, ready to meet your needs no matter what you decide to do.

Special events are plentiful here, especially during the warm weather. Easterners know how to cherish warm days and sunshine, and planning your visit to coincide with a festival will surely be worth your while. Many revolve around seafood; Crab Days and Clam Bakes bring people together for music, dancing, and all sorts of delicious delights. Arts and crafts are also big draws, as are boat fests and regattas and Fourth of July celebrations. As you can see, there’s rarely a dull moment on Chesapeake Bay.

You may be tempted to dabble in all the different points of view that the Bay provides; from the head to the mouth goodness knows there’s much to take in. however, in the interest of a leisurely vacation, it would be best to settle into a vacation rental. Give yourself a home base to be proud of, one that will keep you and your companions living in comfort, close to the water and to one or two city settlements where you can find groceries, entertainment and lots of laid-back energy.

There are many choices to be made when it comes to Chesapeake Bay, so do a little research now in order to fully enjoy yourself later. Select the spot that tickles your fancy, pick out a Chesapeake Bay Vacation Rental, whose pictures and descriptions intrigue you, and prepare to be immersed in the bounties of the bay.

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