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Take a Break to Connecticut
By Jennifer Quirk

Connecticut is based within the "New England" region of the United States, and has a long history of patriotism, industry, natural beauty and American development. As one of the original 13 states of America, Connecticut is one of the most historical states in America, as it was colonised by the English Puritans who left the state of Massachusetts in the 1600's.

Much of the Puritans way of life can still be seen in the state today, with the little villages place around the countryside, the picturesque churches, the landscaped village greens and winding roads surrounded with flora all adding to the pretty comforting atmosphere that so many strive to live within today.

Due to it only being a short drive into New York City, having an abundance of quality restaurants, museums, natural beauty and plenty of entertainment Connecticut is a perfect place to stay if you are looking for a holiday in America. The world of cosmopolitan business, lifestyle and shopping in New York is freely available to you when you wish it to be, but you are able to retreat to the homely bed and breakfast or small town hotel waiting for you within Connecticut's oak trees and greenery.

If you want some adventure during your break Connecticut offers plenty to do! From boat rides up the lakes and rivers all over the state to kayaking and river tubing you will have no end of choice when it comes to getting active on the water.

If you wish to stay in the dry you will have beaches, theatre, shopping, hot air balloon and hang gliding, fine dining and many landscaped gardens and gold courses to your disposal so you can take a break from relaxing!

If you enjoy history there are countless tours and outside museums depicting the life of England Patriots as they moved on from Massachusetts in the 1600's and began their new lives in Connecticut, there is much evidence all over of the American Revolution and if you travel to New London be sure not to miss the docks and ship yards and if you're lucky, some tall ships in the bay.

So, if you are looking to have an American holiday away from the norm, Connecticut will offer much more than you may have first thought. For the best treat of all, visit the state in the Autumn, the views and colours are simply out of this world!

For Holidays in one of the most quaint and pretty states of America, you should journey to Connecticut. Perfect for either a short stay while travelling through or a relaxed, picturesque break in a homely bed and breakfast Connecticut is the perfect haven of natural beauty while being a stones throw from the busy concrete jungle of New York.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jennifer_Quirk

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