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Virginia is a Fascintaing Place
by Jackie Mansfield

At the end of 16th century, Britain started colonizing Virginia, where Native Americans used to live. First permanent white settlement was done at Jamestown in 1607. Virginia sent many delegates to American Congress in 1774 in Philadelphia. On 29 June 1776 Virginia adopted a convention making it a commonwealth independent of British Empire.

On 17 April 1861 it withdrew from the US and after much hustle-bustle it again joined them on 18 June 1861. It is also known for the nine Presidents of US that were born in this State. A lot of importance is given to tourism here as it provides good revenue to state's finance.

Battles of American civil war were fought at Manassas National Battlefield Park. Check this park to know more about their history. Mount Vernon Historical Site displays almost everything connected to George Washington, 1st President of USA. Most of his paper and print material is exhibited here. It also shows culture and life of Americans in 18th century.

With its 90-95% structure still intact, Fort Ward was built during American Civil War. This 45 acres park stores thousands of volumes related to research of civil war. Many programs and exhibitions are held quite frequently.

Arlington House, The Robert E. Lee Memorial is deeply associated with George Washington's family. It is situated on high hill above Potomac. Due to non payment of certain taxes, it was taken over by government in 1864 and was made military HQs.

On 15 April 1954, Appomattox Court House National Historical Park was designated as a State Park. It was here that Virginia's troops surrendered to US Army when southern states tried to form a separate state. By 1882 it was returned back to its owners legally, but because these hills were filled with graves of many soldiers, it was sold back to government who made it a historical site.

European themed park, of 17th century style, Busch Garden Williamsburg has been voted for fifth straight year as "Most beautiful Theme Park". It is located just minutes from Water Country USA and a few miles east of Williamsburg. It features fastest and tallest roller coaster with many more thrilling rides. It has a magical children area and many reliable foods and shops.

Snuggled along River Lafayette is Virginia Zoological Park, home to hundreds of reptiles, birds and animals. American Zoo and Aquarium Association (AZA) takes care of it. Colonial Williamsburg is a town connected to 18th century where most of the things are original. All streets, shops, taverns, meeting halls and the Governor's Palace are just as they used to be. The place where all delegates met during revolution is still there. This city certainly has all gardens and greens intact. Go visit its museum to know the facts.

Main house of Shirley Plantation is a treat and once here you can explore its 18th century standings. Old brick buildings, hand carved woodwork, 18th century herb gardens, original portraits and furniture etc of that time. You just want some rest after the exploration, come and relax under a 360-year-old Willow Oak tree right next to River James. Splashdown Waterpark is like at the beach without being at any beach. You get everything connected to water eg. Slides, Water Falls, water raindrops, rivers and showers etc. You also get meals etc at family prices, its pure fun for whole of family.

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