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Visit Freeport, Maine by Angela Katsis

The small town of Freeport, Maine is often called the birthplace of the state of Maine. The town was founded as a small parcel of land attached to the town of North Yarmouth in the late 18th century. The town was essentially freed from North Yarmouth on the Fourth of July in 1889, a date celebrated not only as our nation’s independence, but also that of Freeport.

Freeport, Maine is situated on the Atlantic Coast, which has allowed it to thrive on the fishing industry. In addition to fish and lobsters coming in from the cold Atlantic waters, the town has made a living building ships, which it still continues to this day. Be sure to visit the historic shipbuilders on your next trip to Freeport to see how ships were built in the “good old days.”

Freeport, Maine is just 20 miles from Portland and only about a two hour's drive from Boston. The drive from Boston during the fall months when the foliage is especially gorgeous is an enchanting experience. It is the best way to get the beautiful feel of fall in the Northeast. However, the quickest way to visit Freeport is to fly directly into Portland and then make the drive from there. It takes just half an hour to make the trip one-way.

The L.L. Bean is the most popular and loved attraction in Freeport. L.L. Bean is very popular for its lovely and sturdy outdoor outfitters, and a visit to its store and factory would be an exhilarating experience. The store has an indoor trout pond and a rock-climbing wall for you to check it out. What's more, it is open 24 hours a day throughout the year.

Maine is known for it’s great outdoors, so take time to enjoy all Mother Nature has to offer in Freeport. Whether you are walking, hiking, or biking the many trails and parks that are in or around the town. Consider tackling Bradbury Mountain, which offers incredible views of the surrounding area from its summit. If you are bringing your family to Maine, be sure to plan a couple outdoor activities for you to spend quality time together and for young ones to burn off some excess energy.

Freeport is your one-stop destination for viewing wildlife. The town is famous for its great variety of birds. No wonder, bird watchers from all over the country make the trip to see their feathery friends. Maine is also home Atlantic seals. You simply cannot miss out on the chance to see these awesome creatures! You can see these marine mammals in their native environment by taking a seal boat tour that include visits to the Sequin Island Lighthouse or Eagle Island also.

Puritan nature lovers would be delighted to make a visit to the Wolfe's Neck Farm. The farm is a sprawling 600 acre complex where the animals are raised without any hormones and antibiotics. You would learn how taking this untreated meat is good for your body and what organic cattle and sheep grazing is all about. Kids would love to watch the sheep grazing in the beautiful, lush green fields.

Visit Freeport, Maine for a never before felt experience. It would be a great way to spend some quality time with your family and explore America, to boot.

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