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Visiting Lake Wallenpaupack

By Caitlin Moore

Located a reasonable distance from many cities in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey, Lake Wallenpaupack makes a fine vacation destination for lake-lovers and those in need of a few days’ reprieve from the unrelenting tempo of daily life. Time seems to slow down when you’re near the water, so make plans to experience this phenomenon for yourself if you’ve had about enough deadlines, sleepless nights, and traffic jams.

This man-made lake in northeast Pennsylvania was built in 1927 as a source for hydroelectric power. It has since become a powerhouse of tourist attractions, as its 52 miles of shoreline and vast stretch of enticing blue water make for nonstop lighthearted opportunities to swim, dive, and frolic.

Surrounding the lake are six recreational areas and hundreds of acres of trails, forests, and wildlife habitats. Hikers will be in their element as they explore the terrain of the Poconos, and small delights like wild deer, fresh fruit and vegetable stands, and pick-you-own blueberry patches will make for a memorable experience.

As for the lake itself, the possibilities are endless. Whether you bring your own boat or plan to rent one, you’ll have all the supplies at hand to take full advantage of the water. Power boats will satisfy your need for speed, and pontoon boats will encourage parties and do-it-yourself dinner cruises. Slide your feet into some water skis for a rush of adrenaline, or settle into a sailboat for a low-key skim across the placid surface.

Five boat ramps line the perimeter of the lake for easy access wherever you are, and each has a gas dock and pump-out station to keep everyone’s motor running. Zooming around for a few hours will do wonders for lightening the heavy load that your shoulders are used to bearing, and the whole family will be exhilarated by the feeling of soaring across the water. Pack lots of sunscreen and a few snacks, as you’ll likely find it hard to tear yourself away from this never-tiring activity.

Restaurants can be found all around the shoreline and range from no frills to a little more fancy. The nearby town of Hawley will provide any practical, or not-so-practical, supplies that you might need during your Lake Wallenpaupack vacation, including several shops filled with antiques. All in all, while the lake will put you closer to nature than you’ve been in quite a while, you’ll hardly feel cut-off from the world thanks to a healthy representation of banks, churches and businesses that are interspersed throughout the area.

If you decide to stray from the lake for a bit, then you’ll have a few attractions to choose from. The kids will like the Family Fun or Wild Animal Park, and arts lovers shouldn’t miss the Audubon Festival, which displays the work of dozens of crafters as well as live birds and a nature film festival. The historical society will fill you in on the background of the region, and the golf club will allow the putters in your family to get their fix.

The theme of your Lake Wallenpaupack vacation will likely be lake-oriented, so it would be best to secure a vacation rental right on the water for the utmost convenience. Having your own dock out back with room for your vehicle (and perhaps your friends’) will save time and promote plenty of socializing. Also, as the lake tends to bring out the loafer in all of us, you’ll be thankful to be staying in a place with a kitchen, entertainment center, and washer and dryer. You’ll find the allure of staying in to be overpowering once you’ve gotten used to living in your swimsuit and bare feet, so fix a casual meal on the grill, sit out on the patio with some drinks, and break out the cards for a series of utterly relaxing and minimally-demanding days on the water.

Vacation rentals like this are plentiful in this area, so don’t hesitate to claim one for yourself. Many have amenities that you’ve only dreamed of, that is if you’re used to staying in hotels most of the time. If so, the time has come to break out of the usual patterns and embrace the lakefront chalet, grassy yard, and spacious deck that you’ve been longing for.

There’s a hammock out there calling your name, so go online to book the Lake Wallenpaupack Vacation Rental that would best suit your needs as you immerse yourself in the languid, luxurious lake.

Visit HomeAway.com to discover the vacation rental that would be best for you and your traveling companions.

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