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Experience the New England Charm of Litchfield County   by Caitlin Moore

Vacations don't have to be high in adventure or packed with sightseeing and constant spending on food and activities; sometimes it just feels right to hole up in a comfortable, quiet-yet-interesting place as you let the tempo slow and the stress disappear. One such locale is Litchfield County, Connecticut, which is known for its friendly charm, picturesque scenery, and array of low-pressure diversions.

Litchfield County is in the northwest corner of Connecticut, attracting New Yorkers in search of a quiet weekend as well as year-round vacationers from all over New England. The Appalachian Trail caresses the rolling hills that define the landscape, and the Housatonic River provides ample opportunity for kayaking, canoeing, trout fishing, or clearing your head by gazing into the blue water as it rushes past.

The forests are so expansive and inviting that foliage tours are a popular attraction, so if nature is your thing, or if you wish it could be a bigger part of your life, then sign up to be led around the trails. Springtime is when farmers make maple syrup and other sweet concoctions by gathering the sap from sugar maples, a process that is interesting to watch. The same trees burst into brilliant flames of color during the fall, so if you're a sucker for the changing of the leaves you might consider visiting during the autumn months.

The same season is also noteworthy for its annual harvest festivals, which celebrate the hard work and bountiful creations the farmers and the earth have together created. Fifteen of the state's agricultural fairs take place in Litchfield County, so they must be doing something right.

If you're a traditional summer visitor, you'll find the mountain lakes to be unbelievably refreshing. Swimming, boating, and fishing make up your itinerary and could take all day, so hopefully you'll have the energy to properly relax. Additionally, the Appalachian Trail makes a fine place for hiking and picnicking, so don't forget your good walking shoes and your binoculars, as you never know what you might cross your path out in the wilderness.

The only season yet to be mentioned is probably a certain sector of the population's very favorite; winter ski season. This region of Connecticut becomes beautiful in a whole new way as it is coated with a generous layer of powdery snow. Litchfield Hills is a resort that takes advantage of this, and offers the state's largest and most impressive downhill runs and cross-country trails. Keep your eyes open for eagles and don't be surprised if you end up quite distracted by the scenery.

For a cultural addition to your vacation, you'll find plenty of options as well. The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum has recently been renovated and expanded, housing a collection that any art snob would take notice of. Historical societies, a Carousel Museum, railway exhibits, and colonial homes all add to the depth of this region, and make seeing it all an event that will take several days.

Antiquing is practically a religion here, so follow the crowds as they make their ways to the shops that house these precious artifacts. A couple of amusement parks will provide fun for the whole family, and golfing, horseback riding, and spas are just a few more diversions that will be sure to interest all the different personalities that make up your traveling party.

Because this will be a low-key vacation, you'll want to have a place to spend your downtime that's enjoyable, comfortable, and worthy of producing a lot of high-quality sleep. The privacy and convenience, not to mention the fluffy beds and pillows, of a Litchfield County Vacation Rental will meet your needs, and probably exceed them too. Go online to pick out a place that will keep you close to the water, the mountains, the town activities, or all of the above.

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