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Follow the Trail to Ocean City

By Caitlin Moore

Free beaches, white sand, a boardwalk that stretches from here to eternity, and the buzz of a whole bevy of pleasure seekers give Ocean City, Maryland more than its fair share of charm as a vacation destination. It draws East Coasters and visitors from afar to its playful shores, so don’t be surprised if you, too, are soon caught up in the flow of humanity that will lead you straight to fun, sun, and top-notch diversions.

There’s something old-fashioned and innocent about a boardwalk; it symbolizes friendship, hedonism, and long summers filled with ice cream cones and beach volleyball. People laugh and play when there’s a venue for it, and boardwalks are the perfect centerpiece for the timeless activities that define a carefree vacation from work, school, and the general pressures of life in the city.

If it seems like you’ve gone too long without experiencing the singular phenomenon of skipping through the surf as distant music touches your ears or laying your towel out on the warm sand and keeping one eye open for the hot dog vendor, then a trip to Ocean City will replenish your nostalgic yearnings. Plan to spend a few days here to make up for lost time, and emerge from your getaway-state-of mind feeling younger, fresher, and reconnected to your whimsical side.

Ocean City’s highly-rated beaches serve as the perfect backdrop for lots of amusements that will put the spring back into your step. Fly a kite, build a sandcastle, or rent a bike and cruise down the boardwalk for a blast from the past. If you want to really feel the wind in your hair, rent a boat and sail through the waves. Eco-cruises through the bay will provide glimpses of wildlife, like porpoises and a number of bird species, and for some exercise you can always try your hand at canoeing or kayaking.

Along the boardwalk you’ll also find rides, games, and arcades, so bring the kids out for an afternoon of abandonment. Plunge, spin, and play your way to that point where your senses are dazzled and your mind is truly at ease. You’re in a different place, physically and mentally, than you have been for most of the previous months, and that’s a very good thing.

This will surely cause you to work up a healthy appetite, so luckily Ocean City is also known for an array of dining establishments that range from home-cooked and casual to elegant and seafood-themed. Look out over the ocean as you sip and savor a delicious meal or recount the adventures of the last few hours with your loved ones as you pass the plates around. Nothing adds the finishing touch to a day like eating well, so be sure to top off delight with deliciousness.

If you care to continue on a little farther, visit one of the live music venues or clubs along the shoreline. The rock ‘n roll will revive your wild side, and the jazz will set the mood for romance. From sunset to sunrise this place is alive with activity, so keep things going for as long as you please.

Family togetherness, lovers’ interludes, high-class entertainment and little things that make you smile will all come together during your Ocean City vacation. The spirit of ocean fantasy will overcome any lingering anxieties you had upon your arrival, so let yourself be won over by the simple pleasure of the beach, the boardwalk, and the bliss of being far, far away.

To appreciate all aspects of Ocean City, rent a vacation property that will accentuate the plentiful positives of this holiday. Your family will appreciate having enough room to spread out, and relations will run smoothly when things are just so. A back door that faces the dunes, modern decorations and appliances, and a king-sized bed that makes you feel like royalty will work together to create a lodging experience unlike any you’ve ever had.

Activities at your fingertips plus a comfortable place to retreat for some peace and quiet equals the best of all possible worlds, so do a little research now in order to enjoy yourself to the fullest extent later on. Find yourself an Ocean City Vacation Rental online and then psyche yourself up for a journey that will let you be yourself in a different time and place.

Visit HomeAway.com to choose the vacation rental that will make your next trip better than your last.

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