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Take a Retreat to Rehoboth Beach

By Caitlin Moore

Summer has spread its languid glaze over the surface of the land. As you trudge to work, as you run your errands, and as you sigh at the thought of another day just like this one, you realize that you could really use a break. A proper vacation to the beach, perhaps in a spot that’s off the radar but not lifeless, quiet but not dull. Rehoboth Beach, with its unassuming charm and year-round activities, might be the right place to shed your responsibilities and embrace a simpler way of life for a few days.

The largest of Delaware’s Atlantic resorts, Rehoboth Beach has all that you might expect to find in a historic beach town. A mile-long boardwalk, plenty of ocean-themed activities that include surf fishing, swimming, sailing, and paragliding, and a cozy Main Street filled with shops, restaurants and art galleries. Whether you’ve been here before or not, you’ll find yourself intuitively navigating the streets as you fall into step with your fellow blessed beach visitors.

Spend a day lounging near the sea, taking a dip when it gets too hot or grabbing a cool drink when thirst strikes you. Enroll in a crabbing lesson if that sounds like fun, or just people-watch as you take a stroll down the boardwalk. This same area comes alive at night as well as during the day, when a number of casual sports tempt vacationers who have energy to burn. Volleyball, basketball, soccer, and whiffleball can all be watched or engaged in along the sandy strip, so bring your competitive edge.

Other essential summer activities can be found near Rehoboth Beach, activities that will complete your carefree experience and perhaps bring you back to your younger days. Miniature golf, horseback riding, go-cart tracks and waterslides are a few of the diversions you’ll want to consider as you explore the area. There are several “real” golf courses too, many of them award-winning, but don’t be ashamed if you stick to the putt-putt zones.

To get your arts fix, Rehoboth Beach has an array of options that will get your creative juices flowing. The Pop Rocks Art Gallery features the work of several local and nationally recognized pop artists, so be sure to visit if you have a taste for funky and fun-loving visual expression.

If you’re more of a movie buff, then check into the events of the Rehoboth Beach Film Society. Every November they host an Independent Film Festival that features workshops, seminars, and film debuts. If you’re interested in their summertime features, however, then keep your eyes open for the goings on at the Art House Theatre and the Cinema by the Surf series, which shows films at the Rehoboth Beach Bandstand.

The Bandstand is a cornerstone of the Rehoboth Beach entertainment scene, as it is the site of music performances, comedic acts, and various other crowd-pleasing events. The spirit of the Bandstand has been around for decades, but the fact that the venue has been recently remodeled ensures that the tradition will continue.

If this seems like a place that will adequately, if not expertly, chase away the drone and duty of the dog days of summer, then start packing your bags for the rest and respite that you need. Be aware that Rehoboth Beach has a number of unique vacation rentals that could boost your trip from good to great, so before you go the standard route of booking a hotel room make sure to check out every option available.

Many cottages and condos are right on the beach, and even the ones that aren’t are just a few blocks away. The amenities that you’ll find in most properties will make you feel at home, and the prices are often quite reasonable. If you’ve ever been disappointed in your lodging situation while on vacation, it would be smart to go online to peruse the Rehoboth Beach Vacation Rentals that are available. Make this trip as rewarding as possible by being open to all possibilities, and don’t be surprised if you soon find yourself enjoying a highly refreshing week in the midst of an otherwise draining summer.

HomeAway.com has thousands of vacation rental listings located all over the world, so take a look as you start planning your next vacation.

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