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Relocate to Short Hills
07th February 2007
Author: Lou Ross

Short Hills is a top notch community on the doorsteps of the Big Apple. If you relocate to Short Hills, you are relocating to a very nice area that is a hop, skip and jump from the big city.

If you plan to relocate to Short Hills, New Jersey, you are actually planning a relocate to Millburn. This township, located in the county of Essex in the state of New Jersey, is a thriving “bedroom” community for New York City and especially Manhattan. Short Hills is what is considered a hamlet, and while it has its own post office, zip code and railroad station it does not have its own government. Rather, as has always been the case since its inception in 1874, Short Hills is under the governance of Millburn.

While the average income of a household in the whole of Millburn, New Jersey is around $130,848, household incomes in Short Hills are found to be significantly higher – around $200,000 a year. It is home to many executives, as well as owners of large companies that do their business in NYC. The size of the part of Millburn that is known as Short Hills is 1552 acres in size, while the entire town encompasses 9.4 square miles. The average cost of a new home in the township of Millburn is $549,000 – and this figure has been inflated by the many “McMansions” built in the Short Hills area.

There are several special locations and monuments within Short Hills that make this area different from the surrounding township. The Arboretum at Short Hills was developed by the daughter of the founder of Short Hills, Stuart Hartshorn. There is also a memorial tree (planted in 2002) for those who perished in the September 11, 2001 attacks, and in 2001 the Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Resource Center was opened in Short Hills.

As with the rest of Millburn, New Jersey, a relocate to Short Hills will get you into a climate that is alternately cold in the winter (with lows around 20ºF) and hot in the summer (highs around 85ºF). The sunshine here is less than the norm throughout the US, and there is more precipitation. The ratios of men to women (48.5% male, 51.5% female) are just slightly off of the country's average, and the religious preference in the area is Judaism.

Short Hills, New Jersey is also an area of many cultural heritages – with those of Italian descent (13.5%) being the most prevalent. About 14.7% of the population of Millburn, New Jersey, is foreign born. More than 70% of the population here is married (out of those above the age of 15) and 30.3% of the town commutes out of the area for work. A definite bedroom community, Short Hills (within Millburn township) is a good place to live if you want to spend your time working in one of the large cities nearby (such as Newark or NYC).

Lou Ross is with MovingCompaniesforYou.com - information on moving to New Jersey.

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