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Visit to Washington, D.C.
By: Josef Odair

There are few more patriotic places in this country than our nationís capital, Washington, D.C. Every American should make the trip to see the capital city and enjoy the wonderful memorials and attractions in order to best explore our nationís history. If you are planning a family vacation, look no further than Washington, D.C. for a fun and educational destination.

The first place to vist in Washington, D.C. is the capitol building. It is an imposing building with a massive dome. Enjoy a tour of the building and see the master pieces housed here. If a Congress session is going on, try to get a ticket to the visitors gallery and watch the course of our nation being decided. Do not carry any items that are considered a security threat as all the government buildings are heavily guarded.

The National Archives helps you see American history first hand. This building houses uniquely historical items such as the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the cancelled check that paid for the purchase of Alaska from Russia! Itís an absolutely fantastic collection indeed.

The Smithsonian Institute is by far one of the most widely visited places in the entire city! With a score of museums in its collection, there is something for everyone. Check out the legendary Wright Flyer in the Air and Space Museum, the supposedly cursed Hope Diamond in the Natural History Museum, the countryís only painting by Leonardo da Vinci in the National Gallery of Art, and see uniquely American items like Dorothyís ruby slippers and Fonzieís leather jacket in the American History Museum. Other museums include the new and completely fabulous museum of Native American history and a slew of art museums.

Another great museum houses a much somber exhibit, the National Holocaust Museum. With heart rendering exhibits documenting the worldís most tragic period of time, this museum is dedicated to the men, women, and children who perished during this reign of terror.

Your trip to Washington is complete without a visit to memorials like Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Roosevelt Memorial, or Jefferson Memorial. The Jefferson museum looks really beautiful in spring when its Japanese Cherry trees are in full bloom. Do not miss out on the Vietnam Wall, the Korean War Memorial or the new World War II Memorial.

The White House is considered the nationís house and is lovely no matter what time of the year. With the heightened security measures that have not been instated, you can no longer directly tour the White House. Instead, write your Congressmen or Senator for a special tour that can be arranged through the White House office.

Whenever you decided to visit Washington, D.C. be sure to do so on your next vacation! If you plan to visit with children, there are many family oriented places that are great for entertainment and education.

Josef Odair is the chief editor for F washington, the web's premier resource for information about washington, For more articles on washington visit: http://www.fxwashington.com/articles
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Article Source: Articles Directory - ArticleGOLD

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