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West Virginia Bed and Breakfast

By John Slater

West Virginia, also referred to as the Mountain State, has more to offer to the unsuspecting visitor than mountains and seclusion. Although the state does not boast any large cities as most other states do that doesnít mean that there is any shortage of exciting activities, historical sites, or cultural venues here. From the story behind the split of the two sides of Virginia into separate states to the lengthy history of coal mining to the role that the state played in putting men to work during World War II to the sweet sound of some good old mountain music, West Virginia is the place for travelers to go if they are looking for a good, old fashioned mountain vacation.

The mountains in the state of West Virginia are one of the main reasons the state attracts so many visitors every year. The state of Virginia actually lies directly in the Appalachian Mountain System and visitors will be hard pressed to find flat land here in the state. For this reason farming in the state of West Virginia is scarce and the stabilized economy owes its success more to the coal mining industry than anything else. In fact it was the coal mining industry that put many men to work during World War II which followed the devastation of the Great Depression. The presence of the Appalachian Mountains is also responsible for the white water rapids that many visitors come to enjoy every year. Rapids such as Pillow Rock, Heaven Help Us, Lost Paddle, and Iron Ring make up a network of 26 exciting miles of white water rapids. The Gauley River is where many adventurous travelers come to try there hand at the popular sport and enjoy all of the beauty that white waters such as these have to offer to the nature lover and adventurer. Those visitors that do enjoy being one with nature will also enjoy the Spruce Knob Seneca Rocks National Reservation Area as well. Here visitors have a chance to experience nature untouched and have the opportunity to see a wide variety of local and diverse wildlife. For the nature lover West Virginia is the place to be because nature is what the state is known for.

The state of Virginia is also known for its historical elements that will delight and intrigue the visitor as well. The state actually came to be a state after splitting with the eastern portion of Virginia following the joining of the Confederate states during the Civil War due to the disagreement of the tow areas over the issue of slavery at the time. West Virginia is also the state where Motherís Day was born and named as a holiday by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914. And donít forget the many coal mines that were so busy during the days of World War II that can be visited today. Because of the rich history established by the state of West Virginia tourism has topped coal mining as the states leading industry which is all the more reason why your next vacation should be taken in West Virginia too.

About the Author: John Slater is the head travel writer for the Bed and Breakfast site.Enjoy info about West Virginia inns at his site.

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