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West Virginia Real Estate – Forget Old Notions

By Raynor James

West Virginia is nicknamed the “mountain state” for good reason. Situated in the Appalachians, the West Virginia real estate market has peeks and valleys as well.

West Virginia

West Virginia is somewhat of a misunderstood state when it comes to national recognition. Occasionally shown in a negative light, the state is actually a tremendous location for outdoor enthusiasts. Rock climbing, hiking, fishing, camping and rafting are available in practically every part of the state. Throw in numerous historical sites from the Civil War and West Virginia just might be considered a hidden gem.


Morgantown is the “college town” of West Virginia. Home to the West Virginia University, the town is invigorated by the student population of roughly 20,000. With a vibrant art and cultural characteristic, you might be surprised to learn Morgantown has been rated as high as the 3rd best small city in which to live in the United States.


Charleston is the biggest city and capital of West Virginia. Charleston is no great shakes, but it is centrally located in the state, which makes the great outdoors readily available in practically every direction.

West Virginia Real Estate

West Virginia real estate prices are extremely reasonable throughout the state. The average price of a single family home in Charleston, for instance, is approximately $180,000. The average home price drops to $140,000 for single family homes in Morgantown. It’s pretty hard to find prices this low in the rest of the country, particularly for a town rated the 3rd best in the United States. For the last 12 months, West Virginia real estate has appreciated at a rate of a little over 9 percent.

Overall, West Virginia is jumping back onto the national scene because of low real estate prices. Real estate in Morgantown, in particular, may be a very good investment.

About the Author: Raynor James is with http://www.fsboamerica.org - FSBO homes for sale by owner. Visit our "sell my home" page at http://www.fsboamerica.org/seller.cfm to list homes for sale by owner.

Source: www.isnare.com
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