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Cape Cod Hotels    by Linda Behrle

Cape Cod has a wide variety of lodging options to suit the requirements of every vacationer. From luxury resorts to camping; from chocolates on your pillow to walking to the bathroom facilities - you can select the level of service and cost that you desire - and most importantly - that fits your wallet!

There over 375 places to choose from to stay at on Cape Cod and the islands of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. Hotels and motels account for about a half of this number, with bed and breakfasts making up about 35%. We found 23 campgrounds and there are also quite a few luxury resorts. The rates varied as widely as the variety of accommodations. And, of course, you can expect to pay top dollar during "high season" in July and August. Since more and more people travel in the late spring and early fall these days, we have noticed that rates have for those times are not as low as they used to be, but they are still quite a bit cheaper than prime summer time.

The traditional standard Cape Cod hotel is widely sought after lodging for families wanting a reasonably priced vacation place to stay. You can expect your accommodations to include a reasonably sized room with one or two beds, private bathroom, television and telephone. Amenities may include complimentary breakfast, a pool, internet access and/or a restaurant on site. Generally speaking, the more amenities and the closer to the waterfront, the higher the cost. Most rooms will accommodate 4-6 people, with at least one person being 18 or over and owning a credit card. With costs ranging from $60 to $400 in the summer and $45 to $200 during off-peak times, there is something affordable for every budget.

Some people like the anonymity of staying at a Cape Cod hotel, but for others, a more intimate and quaint setting represents the perfect vacation. There are over 140 Bed and Breakfasts on Cape Cod and the islands that can satisfy this desire. Each has its own unique character and special history and offer the selective traveler a different kind of vacation experience than a hotel can. The first difference you will notice is price as they are almost always more expensive. The other differences you will notice are attention to personal service, limited number of rooms available, the beautiful and unique decor of the rooms, and the delightful, homemade breakfast that is prepared for guests. Interacting with the owners is also often mentioned as one of the highlights of a stay at a B&B. On Cape Cod many B&Bs are old ship captains' houses that have been converted. The original beauty of these old buildings has been maintained, and the furnishings and decor enhance the history and unique background of each. You can tell that the owners take a special pride in caring for their residence and caring for their guests. A stay at a Cape Cod bed & breakfast is a relaxing and delightful way to experience a bit of New England history on your vacation.

Luxury resorts on Cape Cod, though few, are everything that the upscale traveler could ask for. With tennis, golf, spas, fine restaurants, children's programs, exceptional service, and excellent accommodations - not to mention high cost - Cape Cod resorts offer all the amenities the most discriminating person might desire. Resort prices can range up to $1,000 per night, but generally cost is not a factor to those seeking the absolute best.

Camping on the Cape also has many choices. From large campgrounds with over 450 sites to small ones with less than 80, you can find a place that suits your family. Most offer many more amenities than years ago - a few even have internet cyber booths! The cost can still add up, but is still cheaper than staying in a hotel. In "high season", you can expect to pay anywhere from $33 to $46 per day for a tent site with water and electric service. Off-season those rates range from $18 to $34 per day. If you add extra adults, children, guests, a boat, or cable, your cost goes up even more.

As you can see, Cape Cod offers something for everyone when it comes to where to stay. From camping to the finest luxury resort, there is a place to fit your family's budget and needs.

About the Author

Linda Behrle has spent many wonderful summers on the Cape beginning in her childhood. You can find out more about Cape Cod hotels and things to do on Cape Cod at her website www.everythingcapecod.net as well as complete information for all your vacation planning needs.

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